Plongez geneve plage


Two one-week courses in participatory science and the pleasure of being in the water. These days are aimed at people who already have a diving certificate and want to deepen their knowledge of the lake environment and its biodiversity. They will apply the latest investigative methods from the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment to collect data for ecological monitoring of the lake.


This summer's themes will be: - Monitoring invasive crayfish species in the small lake (Partner: Service de l'écologie des eaux) - Mapping the sponges of the small lake (Partner: Swiss Sponge Project, Natural History Museum) These courses are led by a biologist who regularly works in collaboration with consultancies, institutions and official cantonal and federal bodies.

A typical day: Briefing for the collection dive 1-2 boat dives depending on the themeReturn to the center and data processing in the LabA report will be drawn up for the partners at the end of the week.

Dates to be announced.

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